Official cricket governing body of Nepal

Since 2022, we have taken on the responsibility of managing all aspects of CAN’s social media presence. Our involvement extends to a wide range of tasks, including still image design, motion graphics design, social media management, photography, mobile app development, and comprehensive official website design and development.

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    • Graphics Design
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About the Client

The Cricket Association of Nepal serves as the official governing body for cricket in Nepal. Situated in Kathmandu, Nepal, this organization represents the country at the ICC and has upheld its status as an associate member since 1988 AD (2045 BS using the Nepali calendar era). Additionally, it holds membership in the Asian Cricket Council.

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CAN approached us with concerns about their low social media following, despite being the governing body of a beloved sport. 

They sought our assistance in increasing their online presence and attracting new fans.

Upon investigating the root causes, we identified subpar and uncreative designs as well as an outdated website that failed to resonate with the younger generation. 

Additionally, their websites lacked space for essential features such as blogs, news updates, match schedules, and dynamic content – limiting their ability to improve site rankings and attract organic views.


Working on the CAN website was a significant undertaking for us, given our shared passion for cricket. To enhance social media engagement, we dedicated ourselves to crafting visually appealing graphics and curating compelling content that resonated with users. 

Additionally, we undertook the revamp of the website to incorporate advanced features and modernize its UI/UX. On the website, we added newer features like ‘Player stats’ and ‘Tournament Management’ to showcase the players and their contributions.

In addition to these efforts, we took on the task of designing Viber stickers and mascots as part of an initiative to promote both the site and the sport itself. 

Finally, we have also introduced a mobile application with a ball-by-ball score feature to keep sports enthusiasts informed while on the move.

By completion, we had successfully revitalized CAN’s entire brand image while simultaneously shaping a new identity for it.

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Technologies we used for Cricket Association of Nepal

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CAN was grappling with a multitude of challenges, which deeply affected us as we witnessed the governing body of cricket in Nepal not receiving the level of recognition it rightfully deserved, particularly in a country where cricket holds such immense popularity. Through our concerted efforts, we have witnessed a remarkable surge in user engagement. The number of users on social media platforms has surged to an impressive 100k on Facebook, 50k on Instagram, 200k on YouTube, and 150k on TikTok. It is truly gratifying to see CAN now being acknowledged as it should be – there are few things that fill us with greater pride than this achievement.


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“Breathing new life, Makura Creations changed the overall look of CAN. Boosting their social media presence and updating their website, we created a new brand image of the official governing body of cricket in Nepal.”

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