Re-designing Himalayan Glacier

Himalayan Glacier wanted to enhance the UI/UX of their existing website and upgrade their tech stacks.


    • UI/UX
    • Frontend Development
    • Backend Development

About the Client

Himalayan Glacier Adventures, LLC ® stands as the premier adventure travel company, boasting a remarkable 98% success rate in guiding expeditions to Mount Everest Base Camp and beyond.

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Himalayan Glacier faced a multifaceted challenge as they sought to revamp their online presence. The existing website, characterized by outdated design and a cumbersome navigation system, presented a barrier to seamless user engagement. Its complexity and lack of user-friendly elements hindered the overall experience, prompting the need for a comprehensive UI/UX redesign.

Moreover, the website lacked dynamic components, essential for keeping pace with the evolving expectations of the audience. Himalayan Glacier recognized the significance of incorporating interactive and engaging elements to elevate the overall user experience. Additionally, the task extended beyond aesthetics, encompassing the intricate process of content migration from the old website to the new one. This twofold challenge underscored the need for not only a visual overhaul but also a strategic and technical enhancement to ensure a smooth transition into a more modern, user-centric digital space.


After thoroughly understanding the requirements of Himalayan Glacier, we crafted a comprehensive solution. Starting with the brand identity, we created a modern, minimalistic logo that not only revitalized their image but also aligned with their traveling legacy.

The new site was made keeping user experience in mind so that returning as well as new users would not have any issues while using the platform. Simultaneously work on the backend was also being done transferring data as well as adding newer elements.

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Technologies we used for Himalayan Glacier

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Himalayan Glacier were in search of a partner who could elevate them to the summit of the travel agency market. They required an expert capable of orchestrating a comprehensive transformation and revitalizing their brand image. 

Following our collaboration, Himalayan Glacier has undergone a remarkable evolution, emerging as a prominent contender in the industry.

We fearlessly confronted their obstacles and, with our guidance, they have successfully expanded their reach to engage a wider audience while establishing a compelling brand identity. The growth trajectory of Himalayan Glacier continues unabated.


Increase in User Retention


User Increment

“Makura Creations embarked on a transformative journey with Himalayan Glacier, channeling visions into triumphant realities. Through meticulous craftsmanship, we seamlessly mobilized the evolution from frontend to backend development. Working together for nearly a decade, our bond has never been stronger.”

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