When Seed Financial first approached us, they had been working with another vendor but were dissatisfied with the quality of service they were receiving. Seed Financial sought to revamp the user interface and experience of their current website while also elevating their social media marketing efforts.

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About the Client

Seed Financial is proud to be recognized as the only Platinum Approved ACCA Learning Partner in Nepal. Their commitment to excellence has resulted in producing 4 world toppers and hundreds of Nepal rank holders, setting a high standard for financial education and achievement.

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Seed Financial approached us with their outdated website in need of a modern redesign. The design and speed were both lacking, leaving much to be desired. As they had worked with other vendors previously, their expectations for our work were high. Additionally, being an educational academy, Seed Financial required not only an improved online presence but also the ability to rank at the top of Search Engine Results Page.


To address the multitude of challenges before us, we dedicated ourselves to a comprehensive analysis of the requirements and embarked on building from scratch. 

By completely discarding the outdated design and crafting a new interface, we set out to rejuvenate our approach. Simultaneously focusing on front-end development, we also delved into backend enhancements by migrating old content for easier access.

Upon completing the website, our next hurdle was optimizing content and search engine visibility. As ACCA’s first Platinum approved learning partner in Nepal, it became imperative to raise awareness about Seed Financial’s services. 

We relentlessly pursued higher rankings and aimed for prime placement on search engine results pages. With refined published content attracting customers, Seed Financial has evolved into a leading destination for students aspiring towards careers in accountancy, finance, business management, and beyond.

Technologies we used for Seed Financial Academy

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Our partnership with Seed Financial was truly unique compared to our other projects. As an educational institution pioneering ACCA education in Nepal, Seed Financial had enormous market potential. 

However, their existing website was outdated and its slow speed hindered their progress. To enhance customer retention and attract new clients, a complete redesign of the website was necessary to propel it to the top of SERP.

The revamped website successfully addressed these challenges by offering comprehensive information for students and introducing personalized features that significantly improved site speed while bolstering their online presence. These enhancements have equipped Seed Financial to confidently assert themselves as the best in their field.


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“Bringing Seed Financial’s ideas to life, Makura Creations provided IT solutions to push them to the top. From designing UI/UX to content optimization, we played a big part in making Seed Financial what it is today.”

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