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Varicon had a vision to create and launch a dynamic website aimed at streamlining the inefficiencies that plagued construction work for both contractors and asset owners.

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About the Client

Varicon is a comprehensive construction project management solution designed to effectively mitigate financial risk and streamline the workflow for on-site personnel. Their platform empowers users to proactively identify and resolve issues, minimize redundant handling of cost data, and enhance the accuracy of cash flow forecasts using cutting-edge construction management software.

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Starting from ground zero presented a significant challenge. The absence of an initial website posed a major hurdle, limiting Varicon’s ability to engage with potential customers. Without an online presence, the prospects for business expansion were virtually non-existent. 

In addition to establishing a website, our task extended to fostering organic growth for Varicon. This endeavor was compounded by the company’s reluctance to produce blog content, thereby heightening the complexity of ranking keywords. 

Furthermore, operating out of Australia meant that Varicon held particularly high expectations regarding the quality standards they anticipated from us.


The initial priority was to develop a user-friendly website that offered comprehensive features. We dedicated significant effort to creating designs that intricately captured the brand’s guidelines, ensuring a coherent framework for powerful representation. Every element, from the logo to each web page, received careful attention and curation. 

Once the final product took shape, our focus shifted towards attracting clients. This demanded effective ranking of the website, which presented challenges due to limitations on major keywords available for ranking. 

Nevertheless, with a talented team of digital marketing professionals in place, the newly launched website began successfully reaching the audience.

Technologies we used for Varicon

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From the beginning, our collaboration with Varicon proved to be a complex yet ultimately fulfilling journey. Over the past year, the partnership has evolved into one of our most successful projects. 

Notably, when we first engaged with Varicon, it had no online visibility whatsoever. Since then, it has experienced an impressive growth of  over 20 keywords securing top-ranked positions are a testament to this progress. 

Additionally, there’s been a remarkable increase in session duration emphasizing Makura Creations’ substantial impact on its digital footprint.

Varicon exemplifies our commitment to delivering superior services that exceed expectations and propel clients toward greater success.


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Varicon exemplifies our commitment to delivering superior services that exceed expectations and propel clients toward greater success.

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