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Miss Nepal aimed to revolutionize their 2018 brand, overhaul their website, and create a versatile mobile app to engage a broader audience and facilitate seamless voting processes.

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About the Client

The Miss Nepal pageant holds a significant place in the country’s culture and history, as it is revered as the oldest and largest national beauty pageant. Annually hosted in Kathmandu since its inception in 1994, this event has evolved into a powerful platform that not only empowers women but also serves as an inspiration to people from all walks of life.

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Being such a big organization like Miss Nepal, their existing brand was not being reflected in their website design. The current website lacked the sophistication and modern aesthetic that accurately represented the prestige of Miss Nepal. 

In order to resonate with their constantly evolving audience, a complete reconstruction of the website was deemed necessary.

For the 2018 season, Miss Nepal sought innovative and captivating designs to revitalize its image while also recognizing the need for a pioneering mobile application.


Miss Nepal is a competition that captures the attention of the entire nation, making it essential for its website to be top-notch. The Miss Nepal website underwent a transformation from its conventional format to embrace a fresh and innovative approach. 

This involved an extensive overhaul of branding, encompassing print media and digital design, while also revamping front-end development to introduce a new UI/UX. Parallelly, significant progress was made in backend development.

In response to their requirements, we initiated work on developing a mobile application—an unprecedented move for the pageant. This project marked a historic milestone as it ventured into the realm of mobile devices for the first time. 

The resulting mobile app was designed for both IOS and Android platforms with remarkable success upon release. The creation of the mobile app eliminated the need for contestants to print and physically deliver their applications. Furthermore, viewers could also vote for their favorite contestant via the app.

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Technologies we used for Miss Nepal

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The creation of the mobile application revolutionized the contestant application process, leading to a remarkable increase in the number of applicants. Furthermore, there was a substantial surge in the volume of voters due to the convenience introduced by the new voting method via mobile app.

In addition to these advancements, our comprehensive approach to branding for 2018 resulted in a significant reduction in the bounce rate from customers. The revamped website attracted prolonged engagement from visitors who appreciated its fresh and modern appearance. 

As a result, Miss Nepal can now confidently assert itself as Nepal’s premier beauty pageant with pride.


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“Strong media presence. Ask and you shall receive. Miss Nepal began a journey to update their branding through print and digital designs. They approached us for help, and we delivered solutions that showcase the prestige of Miss Nepal.”

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